Strategic Planning Sessions, Coaching Sessions, and Training Workshops

Through our experience as scholars and practitioners in the field of Organization Development, we conduct research and facilitate training workshops and strategic planning sessions using Appreciative Inquiry and SOAR. Our team can facilitate single- or multi-day train the trainers workshops, coaching sessions, and strategic planning sessions with your team, department, or organization using a strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results (SOAR)-based framework for strategic thinking, planning, and leading. When conducting workshops, coaching sessions, and strategic planning sessions, we invite participants to complete the SOAR Profile prior to the first session. The SOAR Profile is a rapid assessment instrument we have developed to help individuals learn about and understand their natural capacity for strategic thinking, planning, and leading from a SOAR-based framework. We think the SOAR Profile will provide a baseline from which participants can develop or enhance their capacity to construct relationships and develop capabilities needed to achieve values, vision, mission, goals, and strategy from a SOAR-based framework.

Grant, Contract and RFP Preparation

We have extensive experience writing and submitting grants and contracts to governmental agencies and private clients. Our team can prepare your budget, and satisfy your needs for preparing a clear and comprehensive RFP.


We use Office 2010 and Adobe Design Premium CS5 to create professional presentations for manuscripts, grant proposals, poster presentations, outcome evaluation reports, APA style doctoral dissertations, or other dissemination formats.

Editing and proofreading services range from grammatical correction to style formatting to full rewrite.


We use SurveyGizmo for original survey design, including advanced logic features, such as custom skip paths, and advanced collectors, using email lists. For all survey designs, we evaluate psychometric properties using Cronbach's alpha (for measures of internal consistency reliability) and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (for measures of construct validity).

We use Mplus 7, SPSS Statistics 20.0 and Minitab 16.2 statistical software to analyze both cross-sectional and longitudinal data, and data that come from different populations with either observed or unobserved heterogeneity. Analyses can be carried out for observed variables that are continuous, censored, binary, ordered categorical (ordinal), unordered categorical (nominal), counts, or combinations of these variable types. Special features are available for missing data, complex survey data, and multilevel data.

We also use NVivo 8 for qualitative data analysis.

Recent Projects

• The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Needs Assessment Survey, sponsored by a U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration grant to Lawrence Technological University.


• Ongoing assessment and outcome evaluation of The Osborn Entrepreneur and Microenterprise Development Program, $250,000 grant from the Skillman Foundation Good Neighborhoods program awarded to Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI.   

• Descriptive and inferential statistics of survey data evaluating the the effectiveness of high impact, cost-effective safety awareness training delivered in an immersive 3-D environment by 3-D ETC, the 3D experiential training company.

• State accreditation report prepared for the Clarence Randall Elementary School, Blue Ribbon Exemplary School Award, Taylor, MI.

• Mitchell, S.A. , Mooney, K.H., Dudley, W., Beck, S.L., Leidy, N.K., Cole, M., Pavletic, S.Z.  A Latent Class Latent Profile Analysis of Symptom Bother in Adult Survivors of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation with Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease (GVHD). Statistical analysis for National Institutes of Health Outcomes Research Branch.

• Mitchell, S. A., Hakim, F. T., Baird, K., Mooney, K. H., Rehman, N. K., Dickinson, J., Palit, P., Beck, S. L., Leidy, N. K., Cole, M., et al. (2009). Plasma cytokine levels distinguish chronic graft versus host disease (cGVHD) symptom profile groups. Biology of Blood & Marrow Transplantation, 15 (2) 118-119. Biology of Blood & Marrow Transplantation

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