PRONEWS LLC is a full service company meeting the specific needs of corporate clients, educators, researchers, publishers, grant writers, and project managers.

Our mission is to provide professional editing, writing, statistics, coaching, and strategic planning conducted by top scholars in the field.

We specialize in biostatistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, survey design (including evaluation of psychometric properties), strategic planning sessions, coaching sessions, workshops, and training sessions on strategic thinking, planning and leading using Appreciative Inquiry and SOAR, and preparation of white papers, strategy reports, grants, and RFPs.

We use Mplus 7, NVivo 8, SPSS Statistics 16.0, and Minitab 16 statistical software, and Microsoft Office and Adobe Design Premium CS5 for publishing.

Recent clients include the Skillman Foundation Good Neighborhoods Program, U.S Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, National Institutes of Health Outcomes Research Branch, Metro Bureau, Oakland University Department of Organizational Leadership, and Lawrence Tech.